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I will give you exact dates for the remaining turning points on the chart below.  But first I want to give you some background about the hidden order in all markets.


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This is a monthly chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  When you read my book, THE DELTA PHENOMENON, you will understand this chart. But for now, please let me explain it.

Study this chart for a few seconds.  The dates for the blue numbers at the top and bottom of the chart have been known since the Delta Phenomenon was discovered in 1984.

The market made its highs and lows very close to the blue Delta turning points.  These are the Long Term Delta turning points. The average distance for the first series of six turning points was 21 days from the exact Delta date. (Each bar on the chart represents one month.)

The DJIA has 6 major turning points every 4 years.  Since 1932, the turning points for this market have rotated from low to high, beginning at the point 1 low and ending with the point 6 high.  Sometimes there will be an inversion between point 1 and point 2, which causes the low/high rotation to change to a high/low rotation.

    This happened (for the DJIA) in 1988 for the first time in 66 years. When an inversion occurs both point 1 and 2 become low points.

My name is Welles Wilder ® In 1984, I learned that every market had its own innate order.  If one knew this order he would know in advance when the major highs and lows would come in the future.  I taught this order to 72 people who each paid $35,000 to learn it.

In 1984 these people knew that the DJIA had 6 major turning points in its series.  They knew the dates of these 6 points as far into the future as they wanted to project them. What they did not know in 1984 was whether point 2 would be a high or a low point.  Let me explain.

Once you determine whether point 1 is a high or a low (because you know the date it is due to come on) then you know the following points in the series will continue in a high/low or low/high rotation from Point 2.

In my November 1999 monthly letter to Delta Society Members, I gave the Delta date for the Point 3 high and said this would be the all-time high for the stock market for many years to come.

The all-time high for the DJIA came 22 trading days after the Delta date for Point 3.  I was able to make this call 3 months before it happened. (Remember, I knew this date back in 1984. However, because of the inversion I was able to call it a high only 3 months before it was obvious that Point 2 was a low, making Point 3 a high.)  Several thousand Delta Society members can attest to this.  As far as I have been able to find out, no one else called the all-time high bubble top, in writing, within a few days of the actual high day.

Now suppose you were a stock trader or a futures trader in November 1999.  You have reliable information that the all-time top (of the greatest bubble market in history) would come within a few days of a certain future date.  And, you know that the market is going to move down to another date almost a year later.  What would you do?

If you were a futures trader, you would wait until confirmation of the turn and you would sell the DJIA, S&P, and Nasdaq futures contracts short and probably also buy Put Options.  Just think about how much money you would have made!

If you were a stock trader, you would begin to unload all your stocks and prepare to sell the highest flying stocks short, and probably buy the Rydex Ursa fund.  Consider how much money you would have made!  You knew when the market was going to change direction and how long it would continue in that direction

Members of the Delta Society International had this information and they made bundles of money buying and selling at each Delta turning point.

Now, four years later, look at the above chart.  The 6 point cycle is starting over again.  Point 1 is right on the nail.  The Point 2 low appears to have come early.  Point 3 is also right on the nail and the market is now moving down to Point 4 which is due December 15, 2004.  Then the market will head up to the Point 5 high due April 20, 2005 and then down to the Point 6 low due November 16, 2005.  And there you have it, the dates I promised you.

Well, you might be saying, this is too unbelievable to be true.  What supporting documentation can you present?    In my book, THE DELTA PHENOMENON you will find this solution and over 100 other solutions on colored charts for both stocks and commodities on four time frames.  The book contains every thing I know about the Delta Phenomenon.  You will learn the secret of the hidden order in all markets.  With the book, you will get a video where I will show you exactly how to go about finding the solution for any market.


The reason the Delta book had to be written is that one of the 72 people I showed this to back in 1984, attempted to sell a book exposing the Delta secret.  My attorneys stopped him from selling the book, but I knew the secret was out and would be published probably overseas sooner or later.  I sent a report to 71 of the original 72 people who had paid $35,000 to learn the Delta secret. 

In the report I proposed that I immediately write the only proper and authoritative book about the Delta Secret.  I would share 75% of the first year profits from book sales with them.  They agreed unanimously.  That was in 1991.  Since then we have sold over 50,000 copies of THE DELTA PHENOMENON book for one half of one percent of what the original 72 people paid for this knowledge.  That is $175.00.

The book has been scrutinized by the national regulatory agencies (SEC, CFTC, & NFA ) and has not been questioned.


    What you have just seen here is just the Long Term Delta time frame for the DJIA.  The DJIA also has a Delta Medium Term time frame, a Delta Intermediate Term time frame and a Delta Short Term time frame.  (The Short Term time frame is for intra-day trading.)  And, so does every other freely traded market.  This includes foreign futures and stock markets.  Every market (or family of markets) has its own unique Delta solution to its hidden order.  The solution includes the number of points in the series and the position of Point 1 in the series. When you get the Delta book, you will learn this secret and the seven words to finish this sentence.

    All markets repeat directly or inversely relative to the total interaction of

    Now let’s look at a chart of the Medium Term DJIA turning points.  But first I want to explain the term family of markets.  For example, the DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P are a family that have the same turning points. The Soybeans, Soybean Oil and Soybean Meal family have the same Delta turning points.  The railroad stocks family all have the same Delta turning points, etc.

The DJIA medium term Delta has 12 turning points shown on the chart that covers about a year.  The chart above shows the whole series from Point 1 to Point 12.  Notice that the only market turning point which is not very close to the Delta turning points is Point 4.  This would have been expected by those who are accustomed to reading Delta charts.  The move from Point 3 to Point 4 is a fast move with a lot of momentum.  This type of move will usually make its high beyond the Delta point.

This is called “reading the markets.”  The Delta turning points show what the markets are supposed to do. Notice that most of the turning points are right on the nail.  If a market point comes early relative to the Delta point, then this indicates weakness developing in the market.  An example of this is Point 8.  The market is moving toward point 8 and makes the market high early.  The market is struggling to continue moving up, makes a failure swing and drops like a rock to point 9.

Now Let’s Look At The Intermediate Term Delta Time Frame For The DJISA.

This is the ultimate Delta chart.  It shows the Medium term (M) points and the Intermediate term (I) Delta turning points on the same chart.  This is the setup most Delta members use on a daily basis.  It gives you the minor swings between the Medium term swings.  For example, between M-6 and M-7 the minor swings are I-8, I-9, I-10, and I-11.

Another part of the Delta System is the color change in the bars.  Usually the color change tells you when a Delta Turning point has been made.  Sometimes the color will not change with each small Intermediate Term Delta point move. In that case, stay in the trade until you get a color change at a future turning point.  You will always get a color change between the Delta Medium Term points. 

We also offer two automatic trading systems based on the color change.  These systems, the Delta Plus System and the Trend Change Index System (TCI) provide a trailing stop which is different for each commodity or stock.  You can also select most of the popular trading systems and indicators to add to the chart if desired. Our Delta Software, with the Delta Turning Points and the Delta Systems, is totally unique and we believe the best ever developed. 

    When you get the Delta Book Package, you will have everything you need to discover the hidden order in all markets.  In fact, in addition to the Delta book, the package includes a video tape where I will show you step by step exactly how to find the order in any market.  And as a bonus, if you order now, I will include my extraordinary book titled The Wisdom of the Ages in Acquiring Wealth.

Welles Wilder

    P. S. One question I often get is, “What was your best year trading Delta?” Answer: 167% profit and I have monthly statements, that are available, to prove it.

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